Belton, Bradwell, Burgh Castle

These three villages, all conveniently beginning with B, lie to the west of Gorleston, with Bradwell being the largest of the three and the closest to Gorleston and Yarmouth. Each has its own distinctive character and appeal with a wide range of schools, amenities and properties.

Read more about Belton, Bradwell, Burgh Castle below – and if you’ve any questions about the area or property, please do get in touch with Stuart Walton, a property expert.


“We moved to Bluebell Meadow in Bradwell from Gorleston 3 years ago and love living here. There’s woodland walks, ambles to Browston and Lound lakes and the area feels warm and welcoming.” 

Stuart Walton


Village life

All three villages lie inland from Gorleston, with Belton and Burgh Castle having a more rural feel, being near the river Waveney. All are easily accessible though from Lowestoft and Yarmouth.

Bradwell is clustered around the A143 – the Beccles Road. It’s quite a large dormitory settlement. It has three / four primary schools – dependent on whether Wroughton is considered to be in Gorleston or Bradwell.  It has a sort of village centre on Lord’s Lane, but businesses and amenities are scattered around Bradwell.

Belton has a more separated feel as it’s surrounded by rural landscapes as you approach. It has its own supermarkets, schools and holiday camps, like Wild Duck, as well as Kingfisher and Breydon Water, which are set between Belton and Burgh Castle. Nice place. Property sells quickly there too, it seems to us.

Burgh Castle is definitely more village like, though it too sprawls. It has a magnificent roman fort and stunning views of the landscape below.

  • Each has its own feel
  • Semi-rural locations
  • Popular with tourists and holiday makers


A range of property and prices can be found in Belton, Bradwell and Burgh Castle.

In Belton, as I write this, currently the most expensive property is a 4 bedroomed detached bungalow at £365,000 and the cheapest (leaving the park homes out of the equation) is a two bed terraced for £120,000 – not dissimilar to prices in Gorleston, if a touch higher.  60s and 70s property types predominate the housing market with the odd cottage for sale. It won’t have the grand villas and town houses of Gorleston, Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft obviously. It’s a more recently developed town.

Bradwell, being bigger, has a wider range of property types. Again 70s and 80s predominate but there are older properties on Lord’s Lane, Beccles Road and Burgh Road and larger newish estates on El Alamein Way. Blue Sky Gardens off Market Road is more recent and there’s a huge Persimmon development going up between the A143 and A12 called Bluebell Meadow. Again prices are slightly higher than Belton – the most expensive property currently on the market in Bradwell is £450,000. A two bed terraced home in Bradwell is priced at £130,000, higher than Belton.

Burgh Castle is much more expensive a place to live – you can pay over a million pounds for a 6 bed detached, whilst the lowest price at time of writing of £325,000. Smaller terraced properties are harder to find, though much lower priced.  It has the cachet of the Roman fort, largely undeveloped yet is well connected for commuting. 

  • Value for money villages
  • Property sells quickly
  • Burgh Castle is significantly more expensive


All three villages are close enough to Gorleston, Yarmouth and Norwich and they have their own amenities.

Bradwell has a swimming pool, the Phoenix, two high schools (Lynn Grove and Ormiston Venture, which borders Bradwell and Gorleston), three primaries – Hillside, which one of our children attended, Homefield and Woodlands. There’s a Tesco Express on Beccles Road, a larger Coop, off Mill Road and Gapton Retail Park is down Gapton Hall Road – through the 6 foot gap (road narrows to stop lorries using Bradwell as a cut through).

There’s doctors and dentists surgeries and estates in Bradwell are all grouped together in categories – Birdland (Curlew Way, Woodpecker etc), Cornfields (Primrose Way), Shrublands etc etc. It’s a pleasant place to live; close to big towns, good schools and low crime areas.

Belton has shops too as well as Moorlands Primary, pubs, holiday parks and is close to Fritton Lake and beautiful countryside.

Burgh Castle has a post office, pubs, holiday parks, like Kingfisher, which is run by Paul, a lovely man. It is only a short distance away from Belton and Bradwell for bigger shops.

  • Well served by doctors and dentists
  • Good primary and secondary schools
  • Small supermarkets and shops

Price forecasts

All three villages have seen substantial price growth in recent years. 

In Belton, in the last five years alone, there’s been an average 15 to  25% increase.

Looking at Bradwell, it’s actually difficult to compare with Belton. Houses in Bradwell seem to change hands less frequently and price growth is lower than Belton. Typical houses change hands every 10 years in Bradwell – with many of these doubling in price, houses sold in the past few years have seen steady price growth of typically £10,000.

Burgh Castle is similarly static – two houses, for example, showed a 12 to 15% increase over six years.

Now whether Belton will slow down and Bradwell and Burgh Castle prices increase more is a matter of conjecture. There’s no risks in living there as an excellent way of life – but if you’re looking to make money out of property in the medium to long term, go for Belton.

Gorleston property though will yield better returns if you buy in the right locations. In 10 years house prices in some parts have seen a 50% growth and in the last five years, 25% growth is normal. 

  • Belton has seen the highest price growth
  • Houses change hands less frequently in Bradwell and Burgh Castle
  • Gorleston property has the highest growth potential